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  • Texchange is the first portal of its kind in the world to cater to the needs of sellers & buyers of greige, rayon & cotton yarns in India and to provide a common platform for interaction to greige yarn spinners, rayon yarn spinners all over the world.
  • The portal offers abundance of opportunities for cotton yarn spinners, knitted fabric suppliers, and all involved in selling and buying of yarn products.
  • Texchange gives the benefit of accurate and appropriate offers to your Yarn enquiries In real time directly from the source.
  • Buyers get the cheapest price for their asked products, and at the same time sellers get to sell their produce of quality Greige and raw-white cotton yarns at best market rates.
  • Texchange helps in reducing inefficiencies of daily business across the board which you maybe encountering today.
  • To become a member, you only need to fill up a little information. Once you get the membership, you can offer, bid, mention target deliveries, target prices, give confirmed offers, just like you normally do.
  • Texchange is a truly revolutionary concept bringing about total transparency in product pricing, at the same time reducing the time to strike the perfect deal within a few hours, unlike the numerous days it takes to do the same manually.
  • Easily create enquiries and offers for Yarns made of 100% cotton, rayon, viscose, polyester, nylon, Giza cotton, Pima and Supima Cotton, amongst others, including their blends.
  • Texchange has the best spinners, weavers & garment vendors in the industry, both domestic and international. Join us to transform your business and take it beyond physical boundaries.
  • Joining us is simple and free. Join us today and be a part of this game changing experience.

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