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Texchange is a new concept in the world of Greige fabrics & Yarns, brought to you by Damodar Menon International P. Ltd. ( DMI). Headed and promoted by the Menon family, DMI has assimilated customer satisfaction and innovation from its very inception. Spearheading solutions to meet the dynamic and changing face of the textile industry, DMI has grown exponentially over the decades. Drawing on its experience, always abreast of new trends and customer demands, the company continues to address and provide customized solutions in an ever evolving and diversifying International Fibre, viscose Yarns and textile market.

We have been regular participants in major global fairs and international conventions. We have expanded our wings into China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka which happen to be the hub of textile sources of the world. Valuing our customers to give them the best has made our company become a renowned name among the most dependable greige fabric suppliers & yarn sellers in India.

DMI has continually reinvented itself to meet the ever-demanding customer scenario, and this portal is the result of this ongoing process. In the present avatar, Texchange has been launched for Greige cotton yarns, its blends for knitting and hosiery products, and to help Greige fabric buyers and suppliers of India and other countries to connect and do business. But in the near future it will encompass the whole spectrum of textile related commodities namely, natural and man-made fibres, ring spun cotton yarn, Dyed and speciality sweater yarns, and Greige and dyed fabrics, both knitted and woven.

Join us for all your requirements in ring spun/ open end/ air-jet and Vortex yarns. You’ll find the best fabric suppliers of India and rest of the globe here who can cater to your needs for practically all counts and major blends. Membership is free.

So if you have anything to do with cotton yarns, Greige yarns, or fabrics, you have to be on Texchange. Join us and connect with the best yarn buyers and suppliers from India and many other countries.

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